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Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern world, powering our homes, businesses, and daily lives. If you’re embarking on a new chapter, whether it’s moving to a new place or starting a new business, securing a reliable and efficient electricity connection is paramount. Pesco, the Peshawar Electric Supply Company, offers a streamlined process for obtaining a new connection, ensuring that your power needs are met seamlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps involved in acquiring a new connection with Pesco and explore the benefits of choosing Pesco for your electricity requirements.

Understanding Pesco:

Before we dive into the new connection process, let’s take a moment to understand Pesco. As one of the leading electricity distribution companies in Pakistan, Pesco is responsible for supplying electricity to a vast region, including Peshawar and its surrounding areas. With a commitment to reliability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Pesco plays a crucial role in ensuring that homes and businesses have access to uninterrupted power.

The Importance of a Reliable Connection:

Whether you’re setting up a new residence or launching a business venture, a reliable electricity connection is essential. It powers lighting, appliances, and crucial equipment, influencing the efficiency and comfort of your space. Pesco understands the significance of a dependable power supply and has designed its new connection process to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Steps to Obtain a New Connection with Pesco:

1. Application Process:

The journey to a new connection begins with the application process. Pesco provides a user-friendly application form that can be accessed online or obtained from its customer service centers. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents, including proof of identity, proof of ownership or tenancy, and any other required documents specified by Pesco.

2. Site Inspection:

Once your application is submitted, Pesco will conduct a site inspection to assess the feasibility of providing a new connection. During this phase, Pesco representatives will examine the location to determine the technical requirements and any potential challenges. It’s advisable to ensure that the premises are easily accessible during the scheduled inspection.

3. Load Assessment:

The load assessment is a critical aspect of the new connection process. Pesco will evaluate the electricity load your premises will require based on factors such as the type of premises (residential, commercial, industrial), the number of electrical appliances, and your specific power needs. This assessment ensures that the connection meets your energy consumption requirements.

4. Connection Cost and Payment:

After the load assessment, Pesco will provide you with details regarding the connection cost. This cost includes various components such as security deposit, meter charges, and connection fees. It’s essential to review and understand these costs. Once you receive the cost details, proceed with the payment as per the provided instructions.

5. Installation of Equipment:

Upon successful payment, Pesco will initiate the process of installing the necessary equipment, including the electric meter. The installation will be carried out by Pesco’s qualified technicians, ensuring that the connection is set up safely and efficiently.

6. Energization of Connection:

Once the equipment is installed, Pesco will undertake the final step of energizing the connection. This involves activating the supply of electricity to your premises. It’s important to note that this step will be carried out by Pesco personnel, and customers are advised not to attempt to energize the connection independently.

7. Welcome Kit and Documentation:

As a new Pesco customer, you will receive a welcome kit that includes important information about your connection, such as the terms and conditions, safety guidelines, and contact details for customer support. It’s crucial to review this documentation to ensure a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a Pesco consumer.

Why Choose Pesco for Your New Connection:

1. Reliability:

Pesco has a proven track record of providing reliable electricity supply to its consumers. Choosing Pesco means opting for a company that prioritizes the continuity of power, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a consistent supply.

2. Customer-Centric Approach:

Pesco is committed to customer satisfaction. Throughout the new connection process, you can expect responsive customer service, clear communication, and assistance in addressing any queries or concerns you may have.

3. Technical Expertise:

The technical expertise of Pesco’s personnel ensures that the installation and activation of your new connection are carried out efficiently and in compliance with safety standards. Pesco’s team is equipped to handle the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

4. Transparent Billing:

Pesco maintains transparency in its billing processes, providing customers with clear details regarding connection costs, meter charges, and security deposits. This transparency fosters trust and ensures that customers have a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of their electricity connection.

5. Community Impact:

By choosing Pesco, you contribute to the larger community impact. Pesco plays a crucial role in the economic development of the region it serves, and your support as a customer contributes to the overall growth and sustainability of the community.


Obtaining a new connection with Pesco is a straightforward and efficient process designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From the initial application to the energization of the connection, Pesco ensures a smooth and customer-friendly experience. By choosing Pesco, you not only secure a reliable electricity connection but also become part of a community that values transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Power up your world with Pesco and embark on a journey of uninterrupted energy supply. Whether you’re creating a new home or establishing a business, Pesco is your trusted partner in meeting your electricity needs. Connect with Pesco, where power meets reliability, and experience the convenience of a seamless new connection process.

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