PESCO Bill Download 2023

In this article we have discussed all of the information regarding the PESCO bill download, take a look at bill online, and statistics approximately the reference number. you have received your PESCO bill and there are a few errors and you aren’t certain what to do now. You do no longer have a good deal of time to do something.

In case you download your PESCO bill online, you may additionally have access to different services to allow you to get a duplicate of your bill with a few clicks of the mouse. you may look for a bill claim service, record a declare, or even get a bill verification. as soon as you’ve got a duplicate of your bill, you could overview it to make certain that the whole lot is correct.

PESCO is one of every of the most important electric power supply company in Pakistan majority of its customers are from rural, it’s going almost overlaying 8 districts of KPK that are as follows

BANNU Circle            HAZARA Circle-1
HAZARA Circle-2      KHYBER Circle
MARDAN Circle        PESHAWAR Circle
SWABI Circle              SWAT Circle

The above districts fall under PESCO. It is tough for the consumers to generate the electricity by water that is hydroelectric power; it was changed in 1998 and was certified by NEPRA to provide electricity to the above-mentioned districts of KPK.

PESCO power bills are issued every 15th of the month, and they are sent to the mailed address of the consumers. The bill reached the consumer’s address immediately but in some cases, it will take time so consumers worry about the due date of the payments. So there is two way to get the bill early one is to go to the office and claim the duplicate of the bill and the other is too simple just download the bill online.

PESCO Online Bill Download

pesco bill download
Huge scale companies want to undertake technological adjustments within themselves because customers are continually in search of higher centers and a complete delight. Now the PESCO solve their consumer’s problem by introducing online bill download. Due to those adjustments now, you oughtn’t to wait a long term for the bill to get introduced at the doorstep or when you want to achieve a bill copy as pressing.

Some years back it is impossible to get the bill before the bill is mailed to your address. After the arrival of the bill, there is very scarce time for consumers to pay the bill and if some error occurred then definitively it will take time for adjustment. The consumer is tired of getting their work done and if it is not then they pay the money that is mentioned in the bill.

How to Download PESCO Bills Online?

how to download pesco bill

Downloading the PESCO bill online is one of the most accessible strategies now due to the fact you don’t have to wait in line at the district office or wait for the company distributor to supply your bill at your step you may easily download a copy of your bill inside seconds. it’s going to additionally help you create finance which could help you repay your payments. it’s going a good deal useful to no longer to get strain when the bill arrives in. To download your bill, comply with those smooth steps as defined under.


  • Click on the link click on here it’ll redirect you to the brand new tab
  • Copy  the reference number as given in your bill
  • Type the reference number within the given field on a brand new page
  • Click on submit button
  • Your current bill will seem in your display

The sector of electronic bills has modified appreciably in latest years and the internet has made lifestyles less difficult and cheaper for all people, particularly those people that live and work at home. It is through the internet that many clients discover themselves capable of paying and downloading their payments and acquiring their financial facts in a well-timed way. today, there are numerous ways that you may experience your bill payments within the new digital age. one of the maximum famous methods is through digital bill downloads.

When we pay our payments online, the system we use will allow us to access our account and transfer our payment info on the date that we pick. this is handy, as we will get the right of entry to our bills and view any transactions that passed off while not having to bodily undergo every certainly one of them.

Online Bill Check

Pesco bill online

Now the consumer can fast check their PESCO bill online. only a few years in the past it wasn’t smooth to check the bill earlier than it arrived at domestic, now everybody has this facility that they can check and download PESCO bills online.
To check your bill online

  • Click on the here
  • type your reference number
  • Click on the submit button
  • Your current monthly bill will appear on your display screen.


Previous Month’s Bill

Some time because of some motives, there may be a want for our PESCO preceding month’s bills to check the facts of gadgets, bills history, or last payment record, you may declare your ultimate month PESCO bill, either through going your nearest district PESCO office or checking them online. to check your previous month’s bill online, you can follow the same process of PESCO online bill check as explained above.

Duplicate Bill

pesco duplicate bill

It could be an actual ache whilst you realize that the subsequent bill might be drastically better than the remaining one. this is because the electricity bill has soo many various factors collectively. The average bill has extra than a hundred distinctive objects. in case you aren’t cautious, you can grow to be paying several amounts in this bill every month. because of this, if you become aware of the hassle very early, there might be sufficient time to remedy the bill’s errors. The manner is made easy for you. You don’t have to look ahead for too many days to get your bill added to the doorstep. It’s a smooth procedure; you may get a PESCO duplicate bill online. simply observe the clean technique.

  • Click the link click  here
  • Enter your reference number
  • Click on submit
  • Your PESCO duplicate bill will seem in your display.

PESCO Bill Reference Number

pesco bill online

Reference numbers are your bill account number. The supplier simplest identifies you with the reference range in your bill. if you need to discover the preceding facts, charge, or payment reputation of your bill, it is vital to generate the consequences on time. every single person has a unique PESCO reference number. how to test energy bill reference number of PESCO it’s far located on the top of bill phase named as a reference number.


Q. How to check the PESCO electricity bill online?

A. Now you can easily check your bill online by placing your reference number within the field stated for greater facts take a look at the object above.

Q. How to check the electricity bill PESCO paid or not?

A. you can test your bill payment popularity by logging in to the PESCO online panel. on the front of the bill, there may be price and gadgets history and a wide variety of months billed. you can also take a look at PESCO fees right here.

Q. How to pay an electric bill online at PESCO?

A. There are one-of-a-kind fintech businesses that can be provided online payment of PESCO payments which include Easypaisa, jazz coins and you may also pay together with your bank mobile software.

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