PESCO Online Bills Payment 2023

PESCO Online Bills Payment 2023 creates ease for its consumers. PESCO is one of the leading electric-powered strength delivery companies in Pakistan. Looking forward to its improvements, it acquired and expand new technological modifications as wished. It has been given license from the NEPRA  to give and serve their services within the given or allowed districts. PESCO dispatches on the 15th and it will reach every consumer on the 24th of every month and they are eligible to pay within 10 days or later the past due expenses are applied after the due date. there is continually a tense created for the customers to pay the payments on time, from time to time the bill reaches past due or once in a while they do no longer arrive on time, however, there may be no need to fear, way to technological advancement that has added more ease in our life. In this newsletter, you’ll learn about how PESCO online bills charge is achieved.

PESCO Online Bills Payment

online payment
PESCO online bills payment create ease for its consumers. The PESCO itself isn’t always presenting these opportunities or facilities to the internet surfer but they have agreements with banks so that their customer make payment easily by doing payment on banks app.


The basic factor of paying online bills is to save time and effort. On a month-to-month foundation, you get a notification after the invoice dispatch from the organization. Whenever you paid the bills you will get a notification of the amount that you paid and also date is mentioned on regular basis. There is no hidden cost or charges to paying bills online if you pay bills within the due date of the bills. diverse fintech agencies additionally offer reductions and discounted money returned for his or her promotions. Individuals who are familiar with smartphones can easily try this task. The Online payment is difficult only if you are not familiar with mobiles or smartphones or laptops or pcs.

Online Bills Payment

The online electricity bill payment is one of the best ways to pay bills on time and in an easy way without troubling of paying bills offline means in long rows of banks or other bills paying institutions. With this charge alternative, you can not best pay your single energy payments however you can make multiple software payments with one convenient payment gateway. Although PESCO is not giving these facilities to their consumer they make agreements with banks to collect payments of PESCO users and give facilities of online payments by launching their apps, so banks provide their apps for ease of consumers to pay bills from home without facing any hurdles.

To satisfy the competition degree, every enterprise is adopting new technology to serve their clients to maintain the procedure simple and happy. Many banks are presenting online payment structures together with fintech groups inclusive of Easypaisa, JazzCash. So you don’t need to worry about payment in a manual way like waiting in long rows to pay bills you simply pay your bills online with your best medium on which you are suitable.

How To Pay PESCO Bills Online?

how to pay bill online
You may pay your bill online with your phone in addition to your laptop or pc. For doing this purpose all you have is net connectivity and a bank account from where you paid the bills or invoice.

For paying the online bill you need just to follow some steps and get paid.

  • Open the software of your financial institution (HBL, Meezan, Easypaisa, JazzCash)
  • Click on the bill payment section
  • pick out the provider and category
  • Write down your reference number
  • it will fetch your data and indicates information on the display screen
  • Click on the play button
  • you will get an affirmation message that your bill is paid.

Utility Bill Online

There’s not anything easier to get online payments and pay bills online. Due to the advancement of technology now we can check or pay our bills online with just one click. Different mediums are used for paying bills online like electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, and telephone bills, and many more. All companies throughout Pakistan had partnerships with banks in taking part in the net application bills payment. You could view your bill online by visiting their online websites or you could also fetch the info of the invoice in your mobile software easily.

Online Payment Methods In Pakistan

There are various invoice fee methods in Pakistan, to perform PESCO online payments price you ought to have a financial institution account and the finest bank stability so that the transaction needs to be made. Almost all of the banks who’re imparting online banking packages are facilitating their customers to effortlessly pay their application bills online. There are several methods used for paying online method here I will share the best methods or reliable methods with you that are as under


easypaisa bill payment
It is easy and samples to use online packages. The steps are as under follow them and pay your bills.

  • Recharge your easy paisa account by any Easypaisa franchise
  • Click on the invoice or bill icon
  • pick the issuer or provider
  • input reference number
  • Click on the play button.

HBL Mobile

HBL online bill payment

Another best online payment method is HBL mobile banking software.

  • Login for your app
  • pick bill
  • pick out provider
  • enter reference number
  • Click on the play button.


Jazz Cash
jazz cash online bill pay

Jazz cash is likewise simple and smooth to use. Like Easypaisa, jazz cash is also recharged so that transaction will happen. You only need to recharge your jazz cash account with any jazz cash franchise. Follow the below steps to make payment online by using jazz cash

  • Login the app
  • Click on  bill charge or payment
  • pick software provider
  • Fetch facts with an account-wide variety
  • Click on the play button.

Daraz Wallets

Daraz online bill payment
it’s also a new supplying by using daraz. Daraz wallets also provide the facility of paying bills. one in every one of its nice capabilities is that they’re offering a ten percent discount on the first invoice payment. For paying bills online by using daraz wallets you just need to recharge your daraz wallets by connecting the bank accounts and transferring some money from the bank account to daraz wallets for doing some transactions and rest of all the method of paying bills online is the same for all apps.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many benefits to paying online bills. It just not only save your time, but it will also reduce all the difficulties or stress of doing bill payment manually. whenever you pay bills manually you are tired because of waiting in long rows for your turn to pay bills. So it will save your time and effort too. Besides the benefits of paying bills online, there are certain disadvantages as well. Sometimes the server is down just because of too much traffic or in the maintenance mood so you are worrying that what happens. Some time you paid your bills but did not get a confirmation message without a confirmation message how you will show proof. So if something bad occurs then you have nothing to reveal as proof.

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